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Simple protective styling for ultimate length retention

High Bun, Protective Style

Choose a bun for simple protective styling.

We are finally seeing a glimpse of Spring  here in Tokyo and with that I’ve been reflecting on how much my hair has grown over the last year that I’ve proactively been caring for it. Protective styling has definitely been a major contributor to this and my hair couldn’t be happier. The longest strands on my head is now bra-strap length. Say what? Never in my life have I had hair this long. This is all due to  a combination of keeping my hair moisturised and in protective styles i.e. keeping the fragile ends wrapped up and shielded from the elements.

There are some great protective styles, such as box braids and twist extensions, wigs, weaves and mini-twists, but if you are someone like me who likes to keep things simple, here is my protective styling regime that has ensured a head full of longer and stronger strands. Follow these steps for fabulous hair.

Cleansing and deep conditioning 

Wash your hair in sections and twist each one up before you move on to the next.


Twist / braid your hair up and let it air dry. Don’t twist /  braid all the way to the very ends as this can cause knotting and eventual breakage. Simply coil the ends of your hair around your finger.

Simple everyday protective styles

1. Wear your twists as is. Pretty them up with a cute bow, hair clip or scarf.

2. Scoop all your twists up into a ponytail, or bun it up for a double dose of protection.

Once your hair has dried a day or two later feel free to undo the twists (or keep them in for however long works for you). Following that change up your look and wear a different protective style.

3. Wear two braids on either side of your head. This is how I achieve my knock-out braid out.

4. Pull all your hair into one big massive top-knot bun.

5. Do two jumbo flat twists on either side of your head and tie it all into a low bun close to your neck.

6. Wrap all your hair into a bun and tie a scarf around it.

These styles can all be achieved in a matter of minutes. I literally only have 10 minutes to do my hair in the mornings before work and these are the styles I usually opt for. The times when I stupidly only give myself 5 minutes (darn those extra 10 minutes in bed) I’ll settle on the high bun. (I’m a nursery teacher so I find it best to keep my hair up and out of my face in any case.) I realise there’s nothing elaborate about these styles, but they definitely work. So try these quick and easy ways to ensure hair that is protected, looking chic and most importantly, retaining length.

Let me know what your protective styling regime is and how it’s working for you.


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