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Plum lippy love

Eleanor J'adore - Lippy Collage

Just in case you don’t  know it yet, I’m a lipstick fanatic. Along with big bouncy curls, lipstick is the one thing that adds that glam factor to my girlie look and feel. For the first time since I’ve been living in Tokyo, I recently picked up a Japanese brand called Kanebo. I was more drawn to the mauvish/plummy colour before I actually noted which brand it was, but once I mulled the name over in my head I realised that I had indeed heard the name before at some point. This specific colour is from the Media range, and the colour is simply listed as code: 1823.

I’ll say one thing though, I do love the way the colour just glides onto my lips with only a slight hint of gloss. And guess what? It was only ¥‎900 /R93 /£5.20/ $8.84. Quite reasonable I’d say.



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