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Glorius Cambodia – People and Transportation

Two aspects of Cambodia that intrigued me most were the warm spirit of the people I came in touch with and the way they get around. At any given moment, you can spot almost an entire family on one motorbike. It’s quite alarming to see at first, but then I realised that this is how they get around every day and they are quite comfortable with this mode of transport. Amidst the crazy hustle and bustle of cars, motorbikes and tuk-tuks weaving in between each other, a kind or organised chaos seemed so exist. As far as the people, I constantly had women come up to me to compliment me on how pretty I am, presumably because they don’t get to see many women of colour. Aside from compliments though, I just found the general populace quite friendly and open to talking to foreigners. The only thing that annoyed me was constantly being hassled by street vendors to buy something. Other than that I hope to return to this lovely country one day.

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