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We are family!

eleanorjadore - we are family

I’m a mum!

As you probably know, I recently (well, 2 months ago) gave birth to an incredibly healthy baby boy, and he is absolutely perfect: 10 cute fingers, 10 adorable toes, his daddy’s chin, his mum’s lips and a pair of beautiful blue-grey eyes that make up the most gorgeous little face ever. Rupert Gabriel Barkes, we couldn’t be any happier to have you in our lives!

As you can imagine, life with a newborn is incredibly busy so my blogging schedule has been even more erratic than it’s been while I was pregnant. I did however manage to get a few posts out in the last couple of months, so I’m feeling rather pleased with myself. With it came a new-found respect for all working mums, so please bare with me as I try and adjust to a new schedule.

I’m delighted to share a selection of family pictures in this post although, when we took these photos Rupert was determined to either cry or sleep his way through all of them, so it’s difficult to see his beautiful face. We have however started an Instagram account for him where we’ll be sharing a few pictures of him every now and again, so make sure to follow him on @babyjadore_

eleanorjadore - we are family

eleanorjadore - we are family

eleanorjadore - we are family

eleanorjadore - we are family

Thanks so much to those of you who’ve stuck around and who always send messages of support and encouragement. I really do appreciate it.





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  2. January 7, 2016 / 6:30 pm

    You have a such a nice looking family. And your skin is gorgeous by the way so glad the child is healthy. I hope you are trying your best to get some rest, tough to do with a small baby in the house. I will look out for your posts on Twitter!

  3. March 11, 2016 / 12:02 pm

    What a beautiful family !! Congratulations ❤️

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