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Afro Hair and Skin Company – Pure Plant Magic

Afro Hair and Skin Company – Pure Plant Magic

One of the things I appreciate the most about blogging is that I have the opportunity to experience certain products that I would otherwise not necessarily have the chance to. I feel like this is certainly true in the case of The Afro Hair & Skin Company, a small independent afro beauty business situated along the English coast. They have just recently launched in the UK, and all their products are plant-based, natural and organic, so this range is right up my alley.

With a beauty philosophy that embraces self-love, wellness and balance I love that their products are hand crafted with locally sourced ingredients, promising to feed hair and skin with all the goodness necessary to blossom and be truly healthy.

Flourish – Totally Nourishing Hair Butter 

eleanor j'adore - Afro Hair and Skin Company, Pure Plant Magic

I’m so used to most hair butters generally containing shea butter as the main ingredient, so when I saw that walnut butter is the key ingredient in Flourish I was quite surprised. It also contains other nourishing ingredients such as poppy seed flower oil, camelina seed oil and flaxseed oil, oils that I have never used on my hair before. From the very first application I could feel the difference that this unique blend of ingredients was having on my curls. Using it as a sealant, it works really well to lock moisture into the hair, so I often apply it lastly after I’ve applied my styling products to freshly washed hair. To restore moisture back to my hair during the week, I focus on using it on my ends, as they’ve been feeling incredibly dry lately. So after moisturising my ends, I’ll melt the butter between my hands and scrunch it into my hair. A little goes a long way with this butter, so it’s best not to overdo it.

Bloom – Omega Healthy Hair Oil

eleanor j'adore - Afro Hair and Skin Company, Pure Plant Magic

Again, I was surprised by the list of ingredients. Organic thistle oil, sweet almond oil and poppy seed flower oil are the first three ingredients in the ingredient list. Knowing how much my hair loves coconut oil, I suppose I had a few reservations about how my hair would take to Bloom. But living up to its promise of providing extra intensive care to the hair, my curls really benefited from using the oil as a pre-poo treatment, an oil rinse as well as a sealant. It also provides a healthy sheen to my hair, which has worked especially great in recent selfies! The oil is quite concentrated and rich so it’s best to apply it sparingly.

Flow – Perfectly Balanced Facial Oil

eleanor j'adore - Afro Hair and Skin Company, Pure Plant Magic

If you’re looking for an oil to seal in moisture after you’ve washed your face, this is the one. Similar to my hair, my skin usually loves coconut oil, but I have to say that Flow is currently providing a type of suppleness  and elasticity my face has not felt before. Using just one pump, the key ingredients, black currant seed oil, frankincense and hazelnut oil work together to nourish and leave my skin feeling hydrated the whole day. To date I honestly have not come across a more effective facial oil.

For more information and to shop the products head to theafroandskincompany.co.uk


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