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How to Get Your Perfect Hair

eleanor j'adore - how to get your perfect hair

In the craziness that was December 2016 I had the opportunity to experience the South African natural hair care brand that is The Perfect Hair up close and personal. I was invited by none other than entrepreneur and business mogul herself, Taryn Gill, creator of the The Perfect Hair to have an in-salon experience with her range of products that were specifically created for natural kinks, curls and waves.

Situated in Parktown North Johannesburg,  The Perfect Hair retail space is located on the ground floor of the Be-You-tiful Dry Bar, which means that when you go in to purchase your product you can also be pampered with a beauty salon experience upstairs. In other words, you can have your hair washed, conditioned and styled with The Perfect Hair and combine it with a manicure or a lash extension application. Sounds pretty good right? I highly recommend you take up this offer when you’re in the mood for your next pamper session.

eleanor j'adore - how to get your perfect hair

For the purposes of this review I’ll talk about three of the products that I had the opportunity to try. And I’ll follow this piece up with another review of more products in a few weeks.

The Perfect Co-Wash

eleanor j'adore - how to get your perfect hair

I’ve mentioned before that I’m not the biggest co-washer out there, but that was before I used this product, which is a very creamy and conditioning suds-free cleanser. I’ve come to love it so much that I use it up to 3 times in between my weekly shampoo sessions. 3 times people!  That really is a lot of co-washing for me, but I just love it so damn much and it leaves my hair quite soft even before I’ve added conditioner to it.

It contains too many ingredients for me to list, but here are some of the stand-out ones:

Coconut Oil, Castor Seed Oil, Shea Butter and Gingko Biloba Extract.

The Perfect Curl – Deep-Deep Conditioner

eleanor j'adore - how to get your perfect hair

I love that the rest of the products are divided into The Perfect Wave, The Perfect Curl and the Perfect Kinky Coil, which means that a range of products have specifically been created for your natural texture. Since my hair is curly I used the The Perfect Curl Deep-Deep Conditioner – a deeply penetrating conditioner that uses cashmere croteins to moisturise hair from within. If like me you don’t know what a crotein is, it’s an amino acid complex derived from keratin protein that penetrates the hair cortex, increase moisture levels and also elasticity. It improves the hair’s manageability and appearance.

So it’s this cashmere crotein in combination with the ingredients below that leave my hair feeling super soft and ready for styling every time I use it:

Glycerin, Coconut Oil, Argan Oil.

The Perfect Curl – Style

eleanor j'adore - how to get your perfect hair

This two-in-one leave-in conditioner and styling cream is the perfect leave-in for my type of corkscrew curls. I find it moisturising enough to not have to bother applying my usual coconut oil as a sealant afterwards as it also contains coconut oil and glycerin, both listed in the top five ingredients, so you can be sure that it contains an abundance of it. Cashmere croteins make an appearance again and promise to protect against frizz, even in high humidity.

eleanor j'adore - how to get your perfect hair

All the products smell amazing and most of them come in beautiful see-through glass jars so you’re always in the know regarding how much product is left. I find the jars really pretty and perfect for re-using afterwards, but I must say it can get a bit heavy for travelling. So I’d recommend decanting some of it into smaller travel-friendly sized containers to make sure you still have your favourite products with you while on the go.

eleanor j'adore - how to get your perfect hair eleanor j'adore - how to get your perfect hair

The entire range is available for purchase via The Perfect Hair or you can pop into their retail space situated at No23, 7th Avenue, Parktown North, Johannesburg.

Have you used The Perfect Hair products before? What are your thoughts on this proudly South African natural hair care range?


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