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Chit Chat: Where have I been?

eleanor j'adore - where have I been?

If you’re an avid follower of my blog and my social media accounts then this headline might seem slightly misleading to you as I’ve been fairly active on these platforms over the last couple of months, but for the benefit of my YouTube  subscribers I made a video explaining why I’ve been rather inactive on there lately.

Even though you might be fully up date with where I’m at right now, please still go and watch my latest offering as I honestly enjoy making videos and engaging with you all on YouTube. If you’re not a subscriber yet, please make sure to hit the subscribe button as I’m still trying to get to my first 1 000 subscribers and I’ll be so happy if you’re on of those who make it happen for me.

Anyway everyone, have a an awesome weekend, and I’m wishing you nothing but love, rainbows and sunshine!


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