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New Makeup: Autumn 2017

eleanor j'adore - New Makeup: Autumn 2017

I recently acquired some stunning new drugstore makeup and I thought I’d feature the ones that I’ve either been using the most or the ones that I thought were most worthy of sharing. They were all press drops while I’ve been here in South Africa so the nice thing is that you know you’ll be able to find all these products right on your doorstep.

L.A. Girl Blush Collection

eleanor j'adore - New Makeup: Autumn 2017

This must be the first time that I’ve ever used an L.A. Girl product which is not one their famous concealers or lipsticks. The blush collection is available in four different palettes and I received the one called Glow. It consists of two blush shades, one bronzer and one highlighter to “provide calculated colour harmony that relieves the pressure on a girl’s pocket.” I tend to use the darker blush shade on the far left as it’s the most suited to my skin tone as well as the bronzer to contour and bronze up my face. Generally I stay away from the highlighter though as it’s just too white and powdery for my skin tone.

R99.95 at Dis-chem Pharmacies

Black Opal Pore Perfecting Powder Foundation

eleanor j'adore - New Makeup: Autumn 2017

As someone who is perfectly set in her ways when it comes to foundation (I prefer and love liquid foundations) using a powder one has definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone. When I used it the first time I found applying it quite strange and I was worried that since it dries to a powder that I’d have trouble applying my liquid concealer over it. But I must say once I started buffing it into my skin it really did dry to a rather pleasant finish. Look, it’s never going to beat my favourite liquid foundations, but every now and again it is nice to switch things up and this will definitely be my go-to switch-it-up foundation.

R270 at Foschini

Palladio Double Agent Mascara

eleanor j'adore - New Makeup: Autumn 2017

This is a really nice and reasonably priced mascara that promises major statement lashes. It consists of sculpting fibers to boost lash length on the one end and an overcoat lash fibre booster on the other end to increase volume. I remember having used similar types of mascara in the past, and although they don’t actually live up to their promise of creating the appearance of false lashes they definitely add loads of length and volume. For me this is a steady everyday mascara.

R169.95 at Dis-chem Pharmacies

Black Opal Lipstick

eleanor j'adore - New Makeup: Autumn 2017

I was gifted this Black Opal lipstick in the shade Ebony Wine, a very dark purple lipstick in a gloss finish. The colour is quite a departure for me as I usually prefer quite natural shades but despite that I’ve really warmed to it. What I don’t like about it as as soon as I apply the colour it seems to bleed and feather almost immediately, which I don’t find to be a good look. I much rather prefer their matte finishes.

R160.00 at Foschini

I really hope you enjoyed this post. Look out for my makeup tutorial that will be up on my YouTube channel in the next few days where I’ll be using all of these products.

Let me know below if you’ve ever used any of them as well as your thoughts on them.


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