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Vita Liberata Luxury Tan Body Blur

eleanor j'adore - Vita Liberata Luxury Tan Body Blur

I find this post a little difficult to begin with, mostly because the product I’m about to go ga-ga over has  the words “Luxury Tan” in its  name. I’m one of those dark skinned girls who’ve always prided myself on the fact that I do not need any type of tanning product because well, I’ve been blessed with just the right about of melanin. Nevertheless, recently I was sent Vita Liberata Luxury Tan Body Blur, an instant HD skin finish, so basically foundation for the body.

The reason I was keen to try it out was because my PR contact convinced me that it was so much more than just a body “tanning” foundation, but that it does a host of other things as well: It minimises blemishes, covers imperfections, smooths the skin for an HD ready finish on the limbs, décolleté and the face. The packaging also states that it’s a perfect body skin finish that can be used on the face alone, as make-up primer or mixed with foundation.

I’ve mostly been using it a makeup primer under my foundation and I’ve been loving the finish that I’ve been getting with it. It gives off a lovely illuminating sheen to my makeup which adds to my highlight. A little goes a long way so you really don’t have to use much and I can see this lasting me into next Summer!

The couple of times I’ve used it on my décolleté (collarbones if you’re not sure what I’m referring to) it’s left my skin with a beautiful finish and a natural looking enhanced colour. I noticed that it didn’t transfer to my clothes or worse to my baby’s clothes while I would hold him, so that’s definitely a plus. Apparently it’s water resistant as well so if I do have the opportunity to use it while on holiday I’ll definitely give it a try.

It might sound strange, but I love that it doesn’t have any smell to it whatsoever. Often these types of products come with a strange or funny smell and this product doesn’t smell like anything, which is perfect. It’s also formulated without any parabens, harsh chemicals, perfume/fragrance (which explains the absence of a smell), alcohol, animal derivatives, petrochemicals, sulphates or silicones.

As I’ve said before I’m honestly not the type of person to actively go out and purchase tanning products, but the mere fact that I can use this one as a makeup primer and as something to even out my skin tone, definitely wins me over.

It comes in rather pricy at R1 030.00 for 100ml and is available from selected salons & spas. You can call 021 465 8569 to find exact stockists and it’s also available online at www.vitaliberata.co.za

What do you think? Is this a product you would use?



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