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#babybarkesthesecond is here!

eleanor j'adore - #babybarkesthesecond is here!

In case you missed it over on social media, my second darling child has arrived and he is absolutely gorgeous! Even if I do have to say so myself. Here are the important details:

Name: Jasper Adrian Barkes

Birth Date: 23 September

Time: 24:10

Weight: 4 kg

Was it an easy birth? No it wasn’t. My birth plan didn’t go as planned at all and I never thought that a second birth could be more challenging than the first, but hey, it happened to me and I will share that a later stage. But for now I’m leaving you with these cutesy images of my youngest son. I actually can’t believe that Mike and I now have two children – absolutely incredible!

eleanor j'adore - #babybarkesthesecond is here!eleanor j'adore - #babybarkesthesecond is here!

I took the top three images of Jasper yesterday when he was five days old.

eleanor j'adore - #babybarkesthesecond is here!

Also taken yesterday, at 5 days old

eleanor j'adore - #babybarkesthesecond is here!

Mike took this photo when he was about 12 hours old.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!



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