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The Long Faux-Hawk

The Long Faux-Hawk

We’re 16 days away from the 2nd annual Cape Town Natural Hair Fest and boy, are things heating up. The rest of the Cape Town Naturally team and I have so many goodies in store for you that we’ve taken to our social media pages to announce the information bit by bit on a daily basis. So if you’re not stalking us yet, go ahead and follow us!

But today I want to share with you this stunning, edgy hair style that I achieved by using our main sponsor, Cantu’s, Define & Shine Custard. I call it The Long Faux-Hawk. Similar to the Fro-Hawk, this style is achieved on longer hair, but what it lacks in volume (which is what you get when it’s done on shorter hair), this one makes up in length. You end up achieving a beautifully long, faux-hawk that almost resembles a waterfall at the back of your head!

Follow the steps below to see how I achieve this gorgeous, alternative style.

eleanor j'adore - the long faux-hawk

1. This style is perfect to do on hair that’s a few days old.

2. Dampen the hair slightly with a bit of water and apply a leave-in conditioner of your choice to help soften the hair (I used Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioning Repair Cream).

3. Take a big dollop of the Define & Shine Custard.

4. Proceed to apply to it to the perimeter of your hairline, including the front, back and sides, and use your hands or a brush to smooth the hair down.

eleanor j'adore - the long faux-hawk

5. Section off a piece of hair at the back of your head.

6. Tie it into a pony tail.

7. Section off another piece just above the first pony tail.

8. Proceed to tie that section into a pony tail as well.

eleanor j'adore - the long faux-hawk

9. Tie the last section of hair into a pony tail.

10. Divide the hair in that pony tail into two halves. Fluff the back half towards the back and arrange it onto the rest of the hair.

11. Take the front half and fashion it into a faux fringe. Arrange all the hair until you’re happy with the final look and voila, you’ve got yourself a faux-hawk.

I love how the custard smooths my hair down just where I want it smooth and sleek and how not a single hair is out of place!

Let me know what you think of this hair style below. Would you wear it? Have you worn it before?

To find out more about the Cape Town Natural Hair Fest 2017 follow these accounts on social media @eleanorjadore, @capetowncurly and @ctnaturally. That includes Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Make sure that you follow @cantubeauty.africa as well and use #CantuXCTNHF17 to stay in the loop.



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