Your girl in Glamour April issue: My very first magazine feature

eleanor j'adore - your girl featured in Glamour Magazine

Guys, I am absolutely beside myself right now! I’ve been featured in the April issue of Glamour Magazine and I’m beyond ecstatic. (Yes, this news is a bit old now and it was all over my Instagram and Facebook a month ago, but I couldn’t not publish it here. Better late than never, right.)

This is my very first magazine feature and they actually dedicated a full page to me and my natural hair journey. I never would have thought that this would ever happen when I first started blogging about my hair 5 years ago.

In a way it feels like I’m accepting on behalf of naturals all over the world and more specifically South Africa, because this is where I’m from and where my heart lies. A bit like when an actor accepts an award at the Oscars and exclaims how she’s accepting it on behalf of all the other nominees. Know what I mean? Well, that’s exactly how I feel!

This honestly means the world to me right now and even though I’m writing this piece a month after it came out, I’m still basking in all its glory.

eleanor j'adore - your girl featured in Glamour Magazineeleanor j'adore - your girl featured in Glamour Magazine


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