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Big Hair + Beauty Review

eleanor j'adore - Big Hair + Beauty Review

With so many natural hair products on the market right now, it’s really refreshing when I get introduced to a brand that is truly natural in every sense of the word and recognises that being natural is about more than just about hair – that it’s a specific way of life, which incorporates a sense of self awareness and a presence that only women with natural hair understand.

Queue Big Hair + Beauty, a natural haircare range created specifically for curls, kinks  and coils, made from hand picked, nourishing and effective ingredients that curls and afros need and love. The products are vegan friendly, and do not contain any harsh substances. Just what my hair needs and thrives on.

I was sent three of the products in the range: DEEP Conditioning Clay Mask, MILK Leave In Moisturiser and WHIP moisturising butter.

All it took was one look at the packaging and I was immediately hooked. I’m completely in love with the minimal design and something about it told me that the ingredients were going to be exactly what my hair required.

DEEP Conditioning Clay Mask

eleanor j'adore - big hair + beauty review

Lately I’ve been avoiding lengthy deep conditioning sessions, mostly due to time constraints with my little ones, BUT I’ve been making major exceptions for this mask. How could I not? Just listen to this list of stand-out ingredients: cocoa butter, banana and moroccan rhassoul clay. Other ingredients include: avocado oil, aloe vera, and castor oil. A luxury bath for my hair right?

The consistency of this mask is really thick, but somehow light in texture with a very delicate earthy fragrance, which stems from the clay. When I applied it to my freshly washed hair, I was a bit worried that it would simply stick to my strands and not wash out afterwards as I’ve had a few negative experiences with clay masks where they simply refused to wash out. But this mask was like heaven for my hair. Honestly! As it’s quite thick I really had to work it in, but I soon started to notice that my curls clumped together really nicely and that the definition was totally on point!

eleanor j'adore - big hair + beauty review

As per the directions on the jar, once I had applied the mask, I threw on a plastic bag and wrapped my head in a towel and left it on for 20 minutes to let the natural warmth of my head help the mask to penetrate my strands. My hair felt absolutely amazing after I had rinsed it out: so soft but strong, moisturised, smooth, and the best thing of all is that I didn’t have any pesky bits of banana or clay left behind from a failed DYI attempt.

This mask has instantly made it to my top 5 deep conditioner list for 2018.

MILK Leave In Moisturiser

eleanor j'adore - big hair + beauty review

As someone who does wash and gos 90% of the time, I love using a good leave-in conditioner  as my first step to style my hair with, as it forms the moisture basis for my style for the entire week. And MILK does not disappoint. It’s an extremely light weight but moisturising blend of aloe vera, meadowfoam seed oil, sunflower seed oil, murumuru butter and shea butter with water as its base.

It works by penetrating the strands to improve moisture retention.

So not only it is a great way to start off my wash and go, but I’ve also been using it as a daily curl refresher over the last week and I’m happy to report that it has not left any product build-up.

I’m in love!

eleanor j'adore - big hair + beauty review

WHIP Moisturising Butter

eleanor j'adore - big hair + beauty review

If you’re looking for an effective sealant to lock in all the moisture you’ve infused into your hair due to your deep conditioning and moisturising efforts, WHIP is the one. It’s a luxurious blend of avocado butter, shea butter seed oil, sweet almond wax and vitamin e with the most fragrant scent of sweet orange.

Truth be told, it’s a tad heavy for my fine 3C strands and I tend to only use very little on my ends to seal them with, otherwise it weighs my hair down. I imagine though that if your hair is coarser, i.e. if you have thicker strands or really dry hair, that this butter would be super effective.

eleanor j'adore - big hair + beauty review

Overall, I’m honestly so in love with this range. MILK is by far my favourite product out of the three that I have tried.

If you’re interested in purchasing any Big Hair products, you can shop them here and get a fabulous 15% discount by using the code “EleanorJadore” at check out. So shop away!

I’ll also have a video out soon, showing you how I use the products in-depth, so make sure you look out for it.


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