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One product styling with Afri-True Curl Power

One product styling with Afri-True Curl Power

It’s not often I style my hair with only one product, but as it so happened I recently received a jar of the Afri True Curl Power Hydrating Curl Creme – Clicks’ own natural hair brand –  and I decided to put it to the test. Because I receive so many messages of you Lovelies saying that you need a natural hair line that is more budget friendly, this was just the right product to try out as it’s priced at only ZAR 49.99! Yes, I was just as shocked when I found out the price.

I applied a generous amount of the product to freshly washed hair and smoothed and raked it into my strands. Then I diffused my hair on low/medium heat and pictured here is the result.

Guys, I was just as shooketh. I did not expect this from this Hydrating Curl Crème. My hair was soft, moisturised, well defined and light. Not weighed down at all! So in terms of results, I was super impressed. But I did have to clarify my hair the next day because ingredients-wise, it does contain paraffinum liquidum, which is a mineral oil, an ingredient most of us naturals avoid using on our hair, along with parabens, sulphates and phalates. Why? Because mineral oils can actually clog the pores and prevent moisture from getting into the scalp. It doesn’t provide the scalp with nutrients either.  So it really just sits there on the scalp not actually doing anything. So yes, it is sulphate and paraben free, it’s nice and cheap, it gave me moisturised curls, but with continued use, it would probably dry out my hair.

This is my honest opinion Guys and even though I was gifted this product from Clicks I do have to keep it real with you.

So is this a product I would reach for again? Probably only if I ran out of AAAALLLLL my other natural hair products which are completely natural. And that’s not going to happen for a long time. But honestly, if you’re looking for a cost effective product that’s going to give you soft and moisturised results right now, then look no further, because Afri True Curl Power Hydrating Curl Créme does deliver with the right result.

What do you think? Would you use this product? And if you have, what are your thoughts? Sound off below.


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