My epic natural hair growth challenge failure

My epic natural hair growth challenge failure

Please accept my most humble apology. If you signed up for my #eleanorhairgrowthchallenge, you’ll know that I’ve been absolutely awful at reaching out to all of you with it. In an attempt to explain why I filmed a video about it on YouTube to try and express myself more clearly.

I could blame a lack of time, or being too busy or taking on too much… heck I could probably blame it on any number of things. But I’m really sorry. Please watch the video and I hope you can extend some forgiveness to ya’ girl!

Community is everything to me and I love our little community that we’ve been able to form which includes every single one of you. Without your guys’ support I really wouldn’t be doing this. So thank you, and I really hope your hair is growing by centimetres and centimetres every month!

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