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Hands-up if you agree that driving with your children in the back-seat can be a real stress-inducer! I know that it definitely can be for me sometimes, which I why I’ve partnered with MG to bring you my top tips for driving safely with kids.

Rupert and Jasper are both very lively children and I’ve therefore had to develop a few tips and tricks to keep up my sleeve to help me out whenever I need it, so to help keep you out while going on a journey with your little ones, here are my top tips for getting from point A to point B with your sanity in tact.

1. Keep them entertained

It’s so important to keep the young ones entertained while travelling, as this prevents boredom and inevitable arguments and fights. We do this by playing their favourite songs throughout the journey. This is made especially easy in a MG SUV which has Apple Car Play and Android Auto integrations in their models.

eleanorbarkes.com - top tips while driving with the kids

2. Use technology

I’m not scared to use technology and will often give each of my boys their iPads for further entertainment on the journey. Some may say it’s too much technology, but if you think about the alternative of the children screaming and fighting in the back I’ll take this little helping hand every time.

3. Have snacks and drinks on hand

There’s nothing worse that having the children shout, “I’m hungry!” in the back when you still have miles to go. So it’s a good idea to ensure that you have their favourite snacks on hand, be it some dried fruit, crackers or crips. The same goes for having their drink nearby as it’s important for everyone in the car to stay hydrated while on a long journey.

eleanorbarkes.com - top tips while driving with the kids

4. Plan your journey so that you know when to stop for toilet breaks 

This may sound obvious but it often gets overlooked. As adults we’re able to wait longer before we have to go to the toilet, but when little humans get the urge to go there often isn’t that much time, so it’s a good idea to space out toilet breaks every hour and a half to two hours. MG SUV’s use Google Maps for its navigation system  which is widely known as one of the best map apps on the market, as it’s much quicker to update with new roads and features real-time traffic information, which is obtained from other users using Google Maps. And, due to the fact it’s one of the most widely used navigation systems, traffic alerts are almost always amazingly accurate. This is especially handy for those moments when you quickly need to find and alternative route to the closest service station.

5. Pack extra clothes and plastic bags in case of sickness

Children get car-sick, in fact, mine often do. So always pack extra clothes, plastic bags as well as paper towels and extra baby wipes on every journey, because more often than not, we will have at least one episode.

MG has recently conducted a survey to discover in the eyes of their kids, who is the best driver, mum or dad? You can view the results over here and you can watch the hilarious video below where Rupert made a little appearance!

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