I’ve got all the key fashion trends for 2024 for you – all the ones that I’ll be wearing this year as well as the ones I won’t be wearing. If you’ve ever wondered why certain items are considered “in fashion” and why others are not, the reason for this is because every 6 months the top fashion designers come together at the various fashion weeks and put forward their designs for us keen consumers. It’s from what they present on the runways that then get trickled down to eventually reach us in-store and it’s what will determine what we’ll be wearing each season.

Now even if you are well-versed and comfortable in your personal style, you’ll find that you can still benefit from the in-coming trends, even if it’s simply to give your wardrobe a seasonal refresh. Often the things that end up trending are pieces that you already own,  or it could consist of simply styling pieces you already own in a specific way, so there wouldn’t necessarily be a need to purchase anything new.

What I like about this is that it gives you a new and fresh perspective into how you style yourself, while it can also serve as a reminder to wear certain pieces that you may have forgotten about!

Having said that, here are my top fashion trends that are huge in 2024. Some of these trends I really like, while others maybe not so much. But the good thing is (and this is something I’m allowing myself more of these days) is that it’s okay to experiment with your style and to have fun with it. As we evolve as people, it stands to reason that so will our style. And that can only be a good thing. So make of these trends what you will and see how and if you’re able to incorporate any of them into your personal style.

I’ve included shoppable links under each trend so if you fancy having a browse, you can do that!


My honest opinion is that white dresses isn’t really a trend, but is in fact something timeless, classic and sophisticated. I think most of us have at least 1 white dress in our wardrobes and Spring/Summer will be the perfect time to bring it out. Think of it as the white version of the “little black dress”, except for this season it’s fresh, bright and incredibly chic and sophisticated. As the weather starts to warm up, you won’t have to look too hard to find them in-store and this is one trend we can all get on board with.


As someone who is only 5’1/1.56m I cannot tell you how excited I am about this trend. I absolutely love high-rise trousers because it doesn’t matter how how tall or short you are, high-rise trousers are universally flattering. They’ll always make your legs look a bit longer than they actually are and in turn they’ll make you look a little bit taller – music to most short women’s ears! I also think it’s a nice departure from the 2023 trend of wearing low-rise trousers which just wasn’t a good look. On the recent runway shows they were worn extremely high, almost right up until near the bustline, but of course us everyday women don’t have to wear them that high, just high enough to create that beautiful optical illusion of height.


This is a trend that I can easily embrace as it’s an aesthetic that speaks to me. Think paired back minimal pieces, also referred  to as the quiet luxury trend that was big in 2023. Think elevated basics, so no big logos or in your face colours. It’s a trend that encapsulates the 90’s minimalist look and it’s pretty easy to achieve with items you may already own in your wardrobe. For example, combine a pair of classic blue straight jeans, with a basic white T-shirt, a black blazer and a pair of ankle boots. So you end of spending your money on pieces that are extremely versatile and that will stand the test of time as the look is so classic. Yes, this look was big in the 90’s but it keeps on coming back every few years, exactly because it’s so classic and timeless.


Skirts were definitely big in 2023, especially when you think about how denim midi and maxi skirts were absolutely everywhere! They are still going to be big this year, and I still have mine and will continue to wear them, however this year we’ll see a rise in the popularity of big circle skirts, reminiscent of the 50’s style. I think they’re so feminine and pretty and if you simply style it with a little tank top, sandals and basket bag, you’ll have an outfit sorted for Summer. You can also style it with a cardigan and ballet flats for a chic evening out.

Along with this, we’ll also see the return of pleated skirts, both knife pleats and skirts with a wider pleat. I’ve been a long-time fan of the knife-pleated skirt and can vividly remember my mum wearing them in the late 80’s and early 90’s, and as an adult I’ve come to fully embrace them too. I’m not sure how the wider pleated skirt will look on me because of my height, but I’ll definitely be trying them out.


This trend is a bit like Marmite – you’re either going to love it or hate it, and it’s the return of peplums. Personally I love it because it creates a beautiful feminine silhouette at the waist. This trend was big in the 80’s/early 90’s and I remember loving it at the time, however I adore the current iteration of it. What we’re seeing in-store now is much of a defined waistline and I love that for us. Pair your peplum top with a pair of straight jeans for an easy styling solution or go a little bit further and wear it with a satin maxi skirt for a fresh take on the trend.


Your personal style will definitely determine how you feel about the “girlcore” trend as it’s all about the the bows, ribbons, roses and rosettes. Think pretty, think feminine, in fact, think a celebration of femininity. So if you’re more of a classic girl, this trend may not be for you but there are ways that you can incorporate elements of it into your style without going over the top. Consider wearing a small bow in your hair, or a pair of sandals with a flower motif on it, or perhaps a statement clutch bag in a rose shape. Of course if you did want to embrace the trend completely, there’s nothing stopping you from wearing a flower printed dress, a  flounce-frilled top or a big flower motif on your blouse. This trend is all about embracing your femininity and not shying away from it.


This is a trend that I have to be brutally honest about and say it’s a firm no from me. I think it looks great on the runways, but I don’t believe that it’s a practical look to wear from day to day. Most of us either have to go on the school run and then to work, and even on the weekends for casual wear I don’t think they’d work that well for most of us! Even if you’re on the beach, I’ll actually just opt to wear my swimsuit instead of super tight short shorts like this! Let me know if you feel differently, however I just don’t see them being a chic choice for an outfit. If you do like them, though, have a look at some options below.


This is another trend I’m not too sure about. Wearing items so sheer and basically see-through that you can actually see my underwear just isn’t a vibe for me. Again, as this trend doesn’t seem to align with one of my top styling goals of feeling chic, I’ll have to give this one a miss too. The only way that I can possibly think it can work is by wearing a black sheer top with a black bra, but that’s probably as far as I’d be willing to go. Do have a look at options below though and let me hear your thoughts.


I actually cannot believe that capri pants/aka pedal pushers are on their way back. This is one trend that I said goodbye to in my late teens/early 20’s and that’s where it shall firmly stay put! I honestly don’t think that they make for a chic or sophisticated look, especially when you’re short like me. Perhaps if you’re taller it can work, or if you’re wearing it as part of a holiday look with a tank top, sandals and basket bag, however for an everyday look I just don’t see it.


Ending this post on a high with the colour red. Red was a huge trend for A/W’23 and it’s going to continue right into 2024. I always knew that red was a great colour and that it looked great in particular on dark skin, however at some point I got it in my head that it didn’t work on me. So I avoided anything red like the plague for years!

However with its rise in popularity towards the end of last year I decided to give a try once more and low and behold, I fell in love with. Maybe it was because I was seeing it everywhere and people just looked so damn good wearing  that I wanted a piece of the action. In particular, I developed a love for deep, burgundy, ox-blood red, which will definitely be big again this year.

Even if you don’t want to wear all out red, it’s so easy to incorporate just a little pop of red into your outfits, for example a red bag with your white T-shirt and jeans, or a pair of red ballet flats with your tailored trousers, shirt and trench coat.

It’s chic, it’s elegant and there’s a sophistication about it that I just don’t think you can easily achieve with other colours.


Which of these trends are you drawn to the most? Or which do you not like at all?  Let me know what you think.

Eleanor xxx






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