South African natural hair blogger, Eleanor Barkes, has amassed a steady online following ever since starting her blog Eleanor J’adore in 2014 after having moved to Tokyo, when she realised that caring for her naturally curly hair in Japan was quite the challenge.  Upon educating herself on the technique of growing long healthy curly hair, and doing so successfully, the idea of Eleanor J’adore sprang to life: An online resource for naturally curly girls who much like herself, want to return their hair to its natural state – whether it be from over processing due to relaxers, straighteners, or the excessive use of heat – where she shares advice on how to maintain its health as well as styling guidelines.

With her mass of dark curls Eleanor inspires women globally to embrace their naturally curly hair. Her goal is to educate, inform and encourage all women through not only her hair, but now also through her personal style and beauty tips and tricks.

From Japan to South Africa and now residing in the UK, Eleanor has used her global travels to build her online presence and is still continuing her influence.

Eleanor J’adore welcomes every collaborative opportunity that presents itself and that’s in keeping with the ethos of her brand. For your opportunity to align your brand with Eleanor J’adore, please follow this link to the contact page.



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