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Welcome to my newly launched lifestyle blog!

I’m a South African wife and mum who lives in the south of England, from where I share my personal style, my love for all things beauty and natural hair, as well as my life as a mum to two young boys on this, my online canvass.

I originally started blogging about natural hair in 2014 after having moved to Tokyo, when I realised that caring for my naturally curly hair in Japan ( a country with no curly hair resources) was quite the challenge.  After educating myself on the technique of growing long healthy curly hair, and doing so successfully, my first blog, Eleanor J’adore, sprang to life – it was an online resource for naturally curly girls who much like myself, wanted to return their hair to its natural state.

Over time, as I got married, moved country a few times, and had children, the idea of sharing more of my life took shape and Eleanor Barkes was born. My goals are to inspire, inform and encourage women from all walks of life to live a life they love, through sharing my experiences.

I welcome every collaborative opportunity that presents itself and that’s in keeping with the ethos of my brand. If you’d like to work together, please follow this link to the contact page.